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SWEET family


of New Brunswick, Canada




Welcome to my homepage. My name is Bob Sweet and I live in Island View, a community adjacent to Fredericton the capital of New Brunswick, Canada.

My pages contain information about the SWEET family in New Brunswick and about other families related through marriage. I have been researching my family history since 1985. The information on these pages represents but a small portion of my collection. I encourage your inquiries about my research.

If your are researching the SWEET name, you should subscribe to the discussion group mail list for the name. Instructions on how to subscribe can be found at General Surname Sites. You might also want to check out the GenForum facility. There you will find many of my surname interests including Bannister, Daley, Daly, Downey, Dryden, Gladstone, Harkins, Hopper, Lahey, Leeman, Melanson, Power and White.

If you have a homepage and you have SWEETs or any of the other surnames found here, please drop me a line and I will provide a link to it from my pages.

I used to be the site coordinator for the NBGenWeb project's Albert County, New Brunswick site. Check it out!


My Surname Interests

Check out the hyperlinks on the names below to find a description of my relationship to each.

Sweet and associated names of Leeman, Lahey, Hussen (Hasson) and McGuire.

Harkan and associated names of Daly and Downie or Downey.

Power and associated names of Valley and Garrett

More families linked to New Brunswick SWEETs:

Cameron, Collins, Condon, Flaherty, Irvine, James, McLean, Rogers, Smith, Seely, Shaw, Treadwell, Wilson and Wylie. For a sample listing of events involving these surnames and SWEETs, click on the Other SWEETs link.

More families linked to New Brunswick LEEMANs:

Berry, Briggs, Crossman, Gardner, Goodall, Harmer, Johnson, Joney (Jonah?), Lounsbury, Lutz, McCullah, O'Brien, Ricker, Taylor and Wilson. For a sample listing of events involving these surnames and LEEMANs, click on the Other LEEMANs link.


Biographical Sketches of Noteworthy Sweets

Please contact me if you would like to contribute a sketch of a Sweet who you would consider to be of interest to others.

James Robert Sweet (1818-1880) Born in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada; Merchant; Mayor of San Antonio; Confederate Army Major.

Alexander Edwin Sweet (1841-1901) Son of James Robert (above); Born in Saint John, New Brunswick; City Attorney for San Antonio, Tx; Humorist; Journalist; Newspaper Editor; Publisher.

Bibliography of Sources used

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Contact Information

Bob Sweet 35 Country Lane, Island View, NB, CANADA E3E 1A2

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