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Walter Woodworth b. 1619 - d. 1686 of Scituate Mass. For comments or information regarding the early Massechussetts Puritan settler Walter Woodworth, the ancestor of all known Albert County Woodworths, contact Marvin "Woody" Woodworth at  and mention this web page with your message

Andrew's Genealogy Page. Andrew Akerley is an Albert County researcher with an interest in the following families: Akerley, Cairns, Steeves, Mckinley and Rossiter. Babcock/Sears/Hillier/Casford/Bennett/Peardon/of Atl. Canada Heather, NB Canada

The Beck, Douthrite and McKinley Families of Albert Co. pages by Marcel Muise.

Arthur Owen's Genealogy Site Arthur's family interest include the names Copp, Fillmore, Steeves and Tingley. (20/12/1999)

Hopewell Family Histories David Christopher's Homepages Concentrating on families of the upper Bay of Fundy,in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick namely: Albert Co., Westmorland Co., Kings Co. in New Brunswick and Cumberland Co., Kings Co., Annapolis Co., and Digby Co., in Nova Scotia, with a special interest in the families of Albert County, NB.

Jonah Family by Barb Garland

Nan's \Jones\ Genealogy Page Moncton New Brunswick 1766 Nancy (Jones) Matthews pages

King Family Homepage Bob King's homepage contains several Albert Co. families including McKinley, Matthews, Hueston, McManes, Kyle and McFarland.

Leaman Family History.   Dan Leaman's homepage includes references made to surnames: Leming, Leman, Lemon, Leeman, Wilson, Dryden, Lutz, Hopper, Joney, Gardner, Wilson, Wheaton, Duthwrite, Harmer, Briggs, Ricker, Goodall, O'Brien, Day, Johnson, Berry, Gray, Taylor, MaCully, Collier, Garland, Crossman, Sweet, Driden, Lounsbury, Keith, Thomson, Clark, Hibbert, Blanchard, Speight,.McDonald.

Lutz (Lutes) Lewis Family

Wondering if you might add a link to my "new" homepage - Lutz (Lutes) and Lewis from your county.
 Would appreciate it.         Regards, Helena McClusky-Lewis

Lutz Family by Barb Garland

Calhouns Family I would, be happy to offer assistance to any who might be interested in the Calhouns of Albert County.
Thomas Calhoun was born 1735 in
Chester County, Pennsylvania, the son of John Cohoon, an immigrant from County Donegal, Ireland about 1714.Thomas Calhoun was a licensed Indian Trader on the western frontier in 1760 with a trading post near Tuscarawas in present day Ohio. He was closely associated with Fort Pitt and the Army officers who served in that region. In 1765, Thomas went to Cumberland County, Nova Scotia (New Brunswick) to manage a large land grant along the south bank of the Petitcodiac River in what is now Albert County, New Brunswick. He married Rachael Peck, daughter of Abiel Peck there in 1768. Thomas and Rachael are the progenitors of hundreds of Calhoun descendants, some of whom still reside in Albert and Westmorland Counties. In 1772, Thomas, along with one of his brothers, one of his wife's brothers, and a couple others were drowned while loading a boat with grindstones from Grindstone Island near the mouth of the Shepody River. Thomas is buried in Riverside Cemetery, just north of Riverside-Albert within view of Grindstone Island.

I wrote a book about the Ancestors and Descandants of Thomas Calhoun in 1994 and have continued to compile information about this fascinating family. I would be happy to offer assistance to anyone researching this Calhoun family.
My email is  

Mitton Family, which was created as a place for researchers of the Mitton surname to share their family information online. The site includes the Mitton lines of Albert Co. Randall Mitton - Littleton, NH -

SMITH - Robert Ross Robert Ross Smith's homepage at Broderbund Software including the surnames Smith, Steeves, Bannister, and Harrison. 

SNOWDON FAMILY RECORD Descendants of Pickering Snowdon (1750-1830) & Dorcas Easterbrooks (1753-1827) of Sackville, New Brunswick  Compiled by Jim Snowdon

STEEVES FAMILY PAGE John Steeves' homepage. John is descended from Heinrich and Rachel Steif who settled land in the 1760's near present day Moncton, New Brunswick.

STEEVES FAMILY DESCENDENTS Page was created so I (Adam L. Wheaton) could have a place to showcase the inforamation I have about my ancestors. I have a great deal of information on the Steeves portion of my ancestors so I decided to create a page where others who are looking for info on the Steeves family can go to learn about this great family. Note: Unfortunately, this link does not appear to be accessible to those using Microsoft Explorer as an internet browser. It apparently works fine if you are using Netscape.

STEEVES FAMILY by Barb Garland

SWEET FAMILY of New Brunswick Bob Sweet's homepage contains Albert Co. links to Sweet, Leeman, Driden and Hopper families with an additional interest in the Yorkshire Settlers.

ns-nbgenealogy SYMBIOS Nova Scotia-New Brunswick Genealogy. We have been studying a number of families who were in Maritime Canada during the 1700s and early 1800s, including McCULLY, COPP, PIKE, HAYWARD, MORTON, HARRINGTON, and KOLLOCK. From time to time, we'll put up reviews of these and other families. We invite your questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, etc.

DESCENDANTS OF JOHN TRERICE HOME PAGEThis link is to my John Trerice family page which contains many Albert County names. Greg Brown

WILBUR and ROSSITER Various names of interest to Albert County researchers including .

WILBUR BOOK PUBLICATION. Max MacDonald has produced a fine solid book .This fine book Ye Wilbours all is well researched and well documented. These old Albert County families have numerous links into many of our local families and his book is invaluable for all of the side branches as opportunities for research that it satisfies and opens up.

COLPITTS. I have recently created a  genealogy web site for Robert John Colpitts and related families.   Robert and Margaret settled in Albert County in 1783.

Brian Orr
Colpitts Family Records

WORTMAN QUARTERLY The Wortman Quarterly - A Family Newsletter by Wayne Wortman with link to the Wortman Family History from 1766.

BYBERRY CANADIAN WALTONS, researching the Byberry Walton Family including W. George Walton, Edwin Hazen Walton , Joseph Harding, Jasper Harding and Bertha A. Walton all of Hopewell Cape and Riverside. Bill Walton (6/9/2000)


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