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From the NB GenWeb Provincial Co-ordinator


Bob Sweet has decided it is time for him to step aside to devote his time to other projects. Many thanks go out to him from all Albert County researchers for his maintaining of this site.

If you want to become a part of the NB GenWeb team, I urge you to
contact me.

Type at ya later.
Todd Gilbert :^)

Important Notice
  I wish to inform visitors that I have decided to not accept any further Albert County queries.   It has come to my attention that the Rootsweb organization has started a similar service - one that will provide a Board for every county in New Brunswick including Albert County.  Other NB GenWeb hosts are doing the same so I would encourage you to please post your queries at the following site: 
For the time being, I will leave your old queries posted here but encourage you to please consider placing them on the Rootsweb site.  Once that is done, please let me know so that I can delete your queries from my pages.

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County Resources

  • History The origins of Albert Co.
  • Homepages with Albert Co. Roots See if you have common ancestors with these family web page owners. Find such names as Akerley, Cairns, Steeves, McKinley, Rossiter, Beck, Douthrite, Jonah, King, Leaman, Lutz, Mitton, Smith, Snowdon, Sweet, Wilbur and Wortman.
  • New Entry - Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Resource Lookup service now available. These kind people have offered to do name lookups in books and material they own. Do you own a book(s) that you would be willing to help researchers with by doing lookups for them? Check out this link.

Links to Interesting Sites (not associated with this Albert Co. GenWeb page)

  • A great place to find NB and Albert Co. resources NB Gen Links - Researching New Brunswick... start here!
  • Village of Alma, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Albert Mines: Heritage Resources A terrific site under the heading Heritage Resouces, Saint John. Learn about the infamous mineral "Albertite", the battle for its mining rights, and its use leading to the invention of kerosene. The story includes scandal, name calling, and a host of colorful characters, including the world renown geologist Abraham Gesner.
  • Bank of Canada has a database of unclaimed bank account balances from Canadian banks. Did you forget to close out your accounts when you moved? Find out how to claim that balance!
  • Books of Remembrance contain the names of Canadians who fought in wars and died either during or after them.
  • BostonStatesindex The Boston States Migration Page. Resources to track families migrating between the Canadian Eastern Provinces, New England and New York through the centuries.
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission This commerative site contains the names of those who died in WWI and WWII while a member of the armed forces of a British Commonwealth country. A wonderful piece of work and one truly worth visiting.


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