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The following cemetery transcription has been provided by Cheryl Gillespie

Cheryl Gillespie writes:  "Steeves Cemetery located on the Steevescote Road, Albert County"


Steeves Cemetery

Steevescote Road, Albert Co. NB


Canning Bliss Steeves 1874-1955 age 64 yrs
His wife Mary died Aug 28, 1926  age 78 yrs

 S Colen Steeves  1873-1953

 Sheldon Steeves  1917-1937
Mildred Steeves  1904-1952

 Murdock Steeves  1870-1951
His wife Ida May  1862-1941
Also his wife Winnie H died July 19, 1918 age 45 yrs

 Kenneth Gerald Steeves, son of Murdock and Winnie Steeves died May 1, 1906 age 4

 Hazel M Steeves died Oct 2, 1916 age 13

 Sarah Jane wife of Stephen Steeves died Mar 13, 1889 age 64
Mary J daughter of Sarah Jane and Stephen Steeves died Dec 27, 1867 age 3 yrs 7 mos
Stephen Steeves 1819-1903

 Maria Lutes   1822-1843

 Sarah J Taylor  1825-1889

 Rachael Rogers  1829-1914

 Talbot J Steeves 1852-1905

 Maria S wife of Caleb Bishop died Dec 20, 1921  age 73 yrs
Emma A daughter of Maria and Caleb Bishop  age 5 yrs 10 mos
Girtrude daughter of Maria and Caleb Bishop died Dec 21, 1882 age 1 yr 2 mos
Frank son of Maria and Caleb Bishop  died Dec 23, 1882 age 2 yrs 10 mos
Myrtle daughter of Maria and Caleb Bishop died Aug 26, 1885 age 10 mos

 Pte. Edward A Chappell 1902-1989 R.C.O.C.C.A.

 Pte. Nathan W Steeves, 104 Battalion C E F  died 20 Jan 1957 age 63

Gordon A Steeves 1928-1977



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